Trained many farmers and farmer´s organisations (Gomoa Okyereko, Gomoa Ayensuadze and Gomoa Fete) and agents of the ministry of food and agriculture in agronomy of chili as well as in “Good Agricultural Practices”.

In Abetifi, Eastern Region and Kwahu East (Abetifi, Hweehwee and Nteso ), many farmers, entrepreneurs and exporters (producers) as well as agricultural extension agents from the Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) were trained in various areas of proper farm record practices to improve the safe production of vegetables such as hot and sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, okra cabbage, etc. as well as tree crops such as cocoa, mangos etc.

Building of farmers’ capacities in farm management and teamwork - training farmers as managers, which includes farm decision taking, planning and budgeting,

On-field best-bet and best-fit technology were tested with farmers on their farms for easier adoption, organizing and conducting field trials to find solutions to the problems of the farmers,

Also trained in micro-processing of vegetables for the domestic market - value chain and packaging process, production planning and market strategies.

All trainings were done in collaboration with the IESC - International Executive Service Corps supported by the USAID.


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