Cattle farming

Smallholder livestock keepers need support to gain access to investment, technology and markets. 10 September 2012, Rome - A new FAO publication says carefully tailored policy and institutional changes can help to unlock the livestock sector's poverty reduction potential.
My latest concept on „effective cattle husbandry and grazing system in Nigeria“   has been handed over to the project manager of the Nigeria Embassy in Vienna Austria.  
In this concept, the methods of how to encourage small and medium scale cattle farmers in Nigeria were high-lighted.
A book, Livestock sector development for poverty reduction: an economic and policy perspective (FAO Publication from 10.09.2012), collates evidence from a broad array of sources and perspectives showing that investing in livestock can sustain livelihoods and spur economic growth. It illustrates that good policies and institutions are essential in the support of equitable livestock sector development.
"In most instances, governments do not deliberately formulate policies that are anti-poor; rather they fail to realize that economic growth, although necessary, is not always sufficient for poverty reduction," the authors explain
My concept elaborated on the possibilities to rear and fatten cattle with very low investment.


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